We are continuously  aiming for new formulations based on healthier vegetable oils and fats that have the right nutritional balance and simultaneously provide the desired taste and texture of foods.   

Sime Darby Oils has  three Innovation Centres around the globe, namely at Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and Zwijndrecht to respond actively to future global and local trends in the food industry.    

Our Innovation Centre in Zwijndrecht, has state-of-the-art facilities for testing prototype oil formulations in food applications and producing at pilot scale. Advanced and complex processing techniques are available at a lab scale, including fractionation, enzymatic re-arrangement and making emulsions or pre-crystallized fats.     

The R&D food application kitchen offers customers to test new and innovative oil and fat ingredients in their products. The R&D Laboratory, Analytical and Pilot plant facilities are unique and underline our lead as an innovative player in the development of healthier and tastier oil and fat ingredients.      

Our scientists and engineers are the leading experts in the complex details of modern vegetable oil processing technology. This fundamental knowledge is essential to continuously improving and developing new technologies to manufacture innovative vegetable oil based ingredients in the most efficient and responsible manner.