The margarine market can be divided into consumer and industrial margarines. The consumer margarines are final consumer products, while industrial margarines are used in bakery applications. Each market requires its own fat functionality. We are the leading producer for hardstocks for margarines in Europe for the few decades.   

A whole range of hardstocks can be produced from an oil blend to the most advanced hardstock which can be tailored to the needs of the most discerning mar­garine manufacturers, and thus the demands of consumers for healthy, tasty products. We offer two product ranges. Delico®  for making consumer margarines and Pastrex®  for making industrial margarines. 

Delico®  Product Range for Consumer Margarines:

Delico®  100   Liquid Margarines, cooking oils
Delico®  200   Full fat Margarines
Delico®  300   Margarines & reduced fat spreads
Delico®  400   Low fat spreads
Delico®  500   Margarines or spreads with added nutritional properties 

Pastrex®  Product Range for Industrial Margarines:

Pastrex®  100   Cake & cream margarines 
Pastrex®  200   Puff pastry margarines 
Pastrex®  300   Shortening 
Pastrex®  400   Bakery compound