We produce top-quality lecithin products, including Bolec®, Sunlec® range which are enhanced by enzymatic hydrolysis or fractionation.

Lecithin is a natural emulsifier, used in a wide range of applications and products. The global Food, Feed, Pharma and Technical industries rely lecithin as their emulsifier because of its unique set of properties and nutrients. Sime Darby Unimills is dedicated to this natural emulsifier, and has a complete portfolio of lecithin products.

Our Dutch based lecithin factory can build on 50 years of history in lecithin modification. In this factory, hydrolyzed and fractionated lecithins with superior performance are produced for customers around the globe.

Fractionated lecithin is available as PC enriched and PC depleted lecithin, used as health ingredient, wetting agent, emulsifier or stabilizer in various applications.

Hydrolyzed lecithin is an enzyme-treated lecithin, a product with a higher polarity of the phospholipid molecules, used for superior emulsification in various applications.

Besides hydrolysis and fractionation as the two core modification techniques, we produce fluidized lecithins, filtered lecithins and compounded lecithins. Compounded lecithins are tailor made lecithin mixtures on customer request, these can blended with other type of lecithins, vegetable oils or  mono- and di-glycerides. These blends save customers time in preparation and production.

We source and process sunflower lecithin, non-GMO (IP) soy lecithin and GMO soy lecithin from crushers around the globe. As an independent and technical partner, we meet demands of our customers globally. Sime Darby Unimills is dedicated to work with trusted suppliers and high quality standards. Our lecithin products are Kosher, Halal, Cert-ID and FSSC certified.

We make the difference through the staff, a team of dedicated professionals, who value customers, deliver on promises, and aiming for a challenging long term relationship. We provide customers with the best value and consistent quality of lecithin products for the industry by actively exploring opportunities beyond boundaries. The strategic goal is to go one step further and to anticipate our customer demands. 

We highly value our customers, we do everything to meet the needs, we go beyond boundaries.

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