HappyCook®  deep frying oils give a natural crispiness to partially and fully fried food products. By tailoring the oil characteristics you get the most favourable transfer of heat in the product. HappyCook®  is our brand for deep frying oils, which are natural blends of sustainable processed vegetable oils. The new generation of HappyCook®  products meets the consumers’ demand for crispy, natural and tasty fried food products with lower saturated fat levels. 

Frying fat influences the quality of the food, but the direct influence on flavour is more subtle. The flavour contribution from the oil becomes more pronounced, either positively or negatively, as the oil is used and "conditioned" over time. For frying of snacks and frites, products with a high thermo stability have to be used to prevent rapid oxidization and polymerization. 

We develop frying oils of different formulations to bring out the fullest flavour of fried food and snacks. These oils have improved resistance to quality deterioration during use and also maintain a cap on the SAFA level. Also these new products minimize stickiness of French fries during their shelf life and lead to lower cleaning costs resulting from polymerization. 

HappyCook®  Product Range for Frying:

HappyCook®100 Standard frying oils with SAFA* >45%                                                                        
HappyCook®200  Healthy frying oils with SAFA* <45%   
HappyCook®300  Premium low SAFA* frying oils enriched with natural product improving ingredients