Fine Bakery Wares

GoldBake®  is our brand name for dough fats used in the production of dough for biscuits, pastries, cookies and cakes. At the very heart of baking, GoldBake®  dough fats are tailored to provide the desired dough structure essential for guaranteeing the perfect taste and mouth feel you want in your product.     

Our GoldBake®  dough fats are available as liquid fats for pre-crystallization in your Kombinator or votator, or as pre-crystallized fats ready-to-use in dough. The pre-crystallized GoldBake®  products have: 

  • A smooth fluid consistency
  • A crystal structure to give the right aeration and volume
  • Saturated fat levels as low as 25%

GoldBake Product Range for Fine Bakery Wares:

Goldbake®  100   Traditional dough fats
Goldbake®  200   Traditional pre-crystallized dough fats
Goldbake®  300   Premium dough fats with less saturated fat
Goldbake®  400   Premium pre-crystallized dough fats with less saturated fat
Goldbake®  500   Bakery doughs with tailored nutritional properties