Vemor®  is our brand for different food ingredients for the dairy industry, to make food emulsifiers, and for making instant products like soups. 

Milk fats are used to produce cheese, butter, ice cream, creamers and other dairy applications. An important disadvantage of milk fat is that it contains a high proportion of saturated fatty acids. A good alternative for milk fat is the use of vegetable oils and fats, the dairy fat alternatives (DFA). The major advantage to use these DFA’s in applications is that it contains more unsaturated fatty acids compared to milk fat. Another aspect of DFA’s is that the uses of these alternatives are less expensive and reduce costs in the end product. 

We produce vegetable oils and fats for DFA’s, which have great taste and the appropriate melting behaviour like milk fat. Melting behaviour of a product provides the release of the flavours and therefore gives a good mouth feeling. Also our products have the correct crystallization and stability. These are crucial for applications of the dairy fat alternatives.