About us

We believe in a honest and open dialogue with customers and society in general. We develop responsible and value added products to improve life style. We innovate and develop tailor-made vegetable oil based ingredients.   We have the adaptability, empathy and resources to produce high quality vegetable oil based ingredients.


Sime Darby Oils Zwijndrecht Refinery is part of a prominent Malaysian plantation company, called, the Sime Darby Oils.  Sime Darby Oils is a Malaysia-based key player in the Malaysian economy as well as a diversified multinational, with businesses in key growth sectors namely, plantations, industrial equipment, motors, property and energy & utilities and other businesses with operations in more than 20 countries and over 100,000 staff. 

We are a leading edge European supplier of tailor-made vegetable oils producing more than 450,000 tonnes of products per year. The strength of Sime Darby Oils Zwijndrecht Refinery is its diversity of processes, ranging from hydrogenated to fractionated, double-fractionated, and interesterified oils.  

Innovative new products, are key for success in today's market. Our extensive knowledge of oils & fats, its chemistry and processing technology is one of the best in the industry, especially with a heritage of 100 years of processing oils & fats.

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