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Consumers are becoming more selective in their product choices. They want to know the origin or the source of the products consumed. That the product is responsible produced. Besides, food products must contribute to a healthier lifestyle. To meet these growing consumer demands, new and innovative vegetable oils and fats are vital. By choosing Sime Darby Unimills, you can be confident that you are doing the right thing for your business, your customers, and the planet.  

Innovative new products, are key for success in today's market. Our extensive knowledge of oils & fats, its chemistry and processing technology is one of the best in the industry, especially with a heritage of 100 years of processing oils & fats. ​Learn more 

  • All vegetable oil processing capabilities at one location to tailor the best fat functionality for your product 
  • Part of the largest global sustainable palm oil company in the world which guarantees constant supply of raw materials

Vegetable oils and fats

Sustainable Palm Oil Products

We see it as our responsibility to produce and source our raw materials from sustainable sources and to help all our customers to switch over to sustainable vegetable oil based ingredients.  As a result of our plantation experience, all the palm oil comes from sustainable sources. Independent organizations like the RSPO audited our estates. They ensure that our operations are sustainable and respect nature and local communities. Furthermore, all these efforts must be cost-effective viable. This is possible by our fully integrated supply chain. This means certified sustainable palm oil is now available and affordable. So, it is the right choice for your business and your customers.

Super red palm olein


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As part of our sustainability goals, we strive to contribute to a better climate. Therefore, we use renewable energy of NUON   for our production process. The electricity is generated by hydroelectric power stations, solar panels, or wind generators. We hope to have a positive effect on the environment and the local community.

new britain oils

Since 2017, we welcome New Britain Oils (NBO) to the Sime Darby Group. The refinery is located in Liverpool (UK). NBO has a comprehence range of bakery fats such cake and pastry margarines, for the artisanal bakers. Besides, they produce a quality range of deep frying oils for the professional catering industry.

Follow this link to see the product range of New Britain Oils. 

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Vegetable Oils and Fats For Non-Food

Vegetable Oils and Fats Specialties